Dem  GOP    Vote: 45  S J RES 22 13-JAN-2016
Yes 253 12
No 166 165
No Vote 14 11
Present 0  

Dispute Over Clean Water Act
A yes vote was to pass a measure that would kill an EPA rule for protecting headwaters.

The House on Jan. 13, 2016, voted, 253 for and 166 against, to kill a new Environmental Protection Agency rule that gives protection under the 1972 Clean Water Act to headwaters, wetlands and other waters upstream of navigable waters. The act already covers navigable waters. The rule does not apply to non-navigable waters used in farming. This vote sent a GOP-sponsored resolution of disapproval (SJ Res 22) to President Obama, who said he would veto it.

Bob Gibbs, R-Ohio, said the EPA rule must be repealed because it "erodes state authority by granting sweeping, new federal jurisdiction to waters never intended for regulation under the Clean Water Act."

Grace Napolitano, D-Calif., said that in her state, "99.2 percent of the population gets its water that rely on water bodies protected by this rule. With numbers like that on the line, intervening now is simply reckless."

A yes vote was to pass a measure that would kill an EPA rule for protecting headwaters.
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Illinois Tally
Enyart, Bill (D-12 )   YEA Belleville, IL  
Bustos, Cheri (D-17 )   NAY East Moline, IL  
Davis, Danny (D-7 )   NAY Chicago, IL  
Davis, Rodney (R-13 )   YEA Taylorville, IL  
Schneider, Brad (D-10)   YEA Deerfield, IL  
Duckworth, Tammy (D-8 )   NAY Hoffman Estates, IL  
Foster, Bill (D-11)   NAY Geneva, IL  
Gutierrez, Luis (D-4 )   NAY Chicago, IL  
Hultgren, Randy (R-14 )   YEA Winfield, IL  
Kelly, Robin (D-2 )   NAY Chicago, IL  
Kinzinger, Adam (R-16 )   YEA Manteno, IL  
Schock, Aaron (R-18 )   YEA Peoria, IL  
Lipinski, Dan (D-3 )   NAY Western Springs, IL  
Quigley, Mike (D-5 )   NAY Chicago, IL  
Roskam, Peter (R-6 )   YEA Bensenville, IL  
Rush, Bobby (D-1 )   NAY Chicago, IL  
Schakowsky, Jan (D-9 )   NAY Evanston, IL  
Shimkus, John (R-15 )   YEA Collinsville, IL