Dem  GOP    Vote: 104  H.R. 2578  June 20, 2016
Yes 44 43
No 56 3
No Vote 0  
Present 0  

Expanded Background Checks
A yes vote backed the Murphy amendment.

The Senate on June 20, 2016, defeated, 44 for and 56 against, a Democratic-sponsored amendment to HR 2578 that would require criminal and mental-health background checks of prospective buyers in virtually all commercial transactions, including gun-show and online sales. The measure sought to close a loophole that allows firearms sales to bypass the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) if they occur online or at gun shows. An estimated 40 percent of U.S. gun sales legally circumvent the NICS. The amendment did not affect transactions between family members.

Sponsor Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said his amendment was needed because "terrorist recruiters are specifically instructing would-be terrorists to go into gun shops and to gun shows and walk out with assault weapons...."

Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said: "Taking away a fundamental constitutional right based on a flawed list and the attorney general's suspicion can't be called closing a terrorist loophole."

A yes vote backed the Murphy amendment.
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