Dem  GOP    Vote: 105  S.Amdt. 4749  June 20, 2016
Yes 53 2
No 47 44
No Vote 0  
Present 0  

Maximum 72-Hour Delay of Gun Sales
A yes vote backed the Cornyn amendment.

By a vote of 53 for and 47 against, the Senate on June 20, 2016, failed to reach 60 votes needed to advance a GOP-drafted amendment to HR 2578 that sought to delay sales of firearms for no longer than 72 hours if the purchaser's name is on a government listing of individuals suspected of having direct or indirect links to terrorism. The amendment placed the burden of proof on the government to demonstrate the sale should be blocked, allowing Department of Justice attorneys up to 72 hours to obtain a court order against it.

Sponsor John Cornyn, R-Texas, said: "We all agree that terrorists should not be able to purchase a weapon,” but “the question before us is whether we are going to do so in a way that is constitutional."

Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said the amendment "would force the Department of Justice to go to court to stop a suspected terrorist from getting a weapon."

A yes vote backed the Cornyn amendment.
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