Dem  GOP    Vote: 83  MOTION  27-Feb-2018
Yes 228 0
No 184 184
No Vote 18 9
Present 0  

Post-Parkland Dispute Over Gun Bills
A yes vote was in opposition to allowing floor debate on a pair of gun-safety bills.

On a vote of 228 for and 184 against, the House on Feb. 27 blocked a Democratic resolution calling on the House to debate two gun-safety bills. One (HR 3464) would prevent a firearms dealer from selling a weapon before completion of a federal background check. The second bill (HR 4240) would, in part, expand criminal and mental-health background checks to cover all firearms transactions except those between family members. The latter provision would eliminate an exemption for purchases occurring at gun shows and over the Internet. This vote was conducted after Republican leaders, who control the House agenda, declined to immediately bring gun legislation to the floor following a Feb. 14 mass shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school.

The Democratic resolution was quashed by the presiding officer's ruling that it did not qualify under House rules as a "privileged question" entitled to floor action. On the vote reported here, Republicans upheld that ruling after it was appealed by Democrats.

Jim McGovern, D-Mass., said: "I would say to my colleagues who are beholden to the National Rifle Association: I get it. If you don't want to stand up to them, that is fine. But don't stand in the way of this House having a debate on these issues and having a vote. Let the American people see where everybody stands, Democrats and Republicans alike."

No member spoke on the other side of the issue.

A yes vote was in opposition to allowing floor debate on the two gun-safety bills.
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Virginia Tally
Wittman (R-1)   Yea Montross, VA  
Taylor (R-2)   Yea Virginia Beach, VA  
Scott (VA) (D-3 )   Nay Newport News, VA  
McEachin (D-4)   Nay Richmond, VA  
Garrett (R-5 )   Yea Buckingham County, VA  
Goodlatte (R-6 )   Yea Roanoke, VA  
Brat (R-7)   Yea Glen Allen, VA  
Beyer (D-8 )   Nay Alexandria, VA  
Griffith (R-9 )   Yea Salem, VA  
Comstock (R-10 )   Yea McLean, VA  
Connolly (D-11 )   Nay Mantua, VA