Dem  GOP    Vote: 229  H R 5515  24-May-2018
Yes 224 1
No 191 188
No Vote 12 4
Present 0  

Background Checks on Gun Sales
A yes vote was in opposition to adding language on gun background checks to the 2019 military budget.

Voting 224 for and 191 against, the House on May 24, 2018, blocked a Democratic attempt to expand background checks on commercial gun transactions by requiring them on sales conducted over the Internet and between private parties at gun shows. This vote occurred during debate on the fiscal 2019 military budget (HR 5515). The measure sought to plug loopholes that allow an estimated 40 percent of gun sales to avoid mandatory checks via the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System. This was the first congressional vote on gun issues since the May 18, 2018, shootings at a Santa Fe, Texas, high school that killed 10 people and wounded 10 others.

Mike Thompson, D-Calif., said that after Santa Fe, "As usual, members sent thoughts and prayers. They said things have got to change, and then they did nothing. We held our 47th moment of silence since the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School five-and-one-half years ago. For every member who looks into the face of yet another grieving family and says, `I'm with you,' and then does nothing, I have a message for you, you're complicit. You're allowing criminals and the dangerously mentally ill easy access to guns. Your inaction is leading to gravestone after gravestone."

No opponent spoke on the topic of guns. Instead, Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, objected to the motion on parliamentary grounds, saying that its spending provisions would violate the Congressional Budget Act. His objection was upheld by the chair, and on this vote, the House affirmed that ruling.

A yes vote was in opposition to adding language on background checks to the 2019 military budget.
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Virginia Tally
Wittman (R-1)   Yea Montross, VA  
Taylor (R-2)   Yea Virginia Beach, VA  
Scott (VA) (D-3 )   Nay Newport News, VA  
McEachin (D-4)   Nay Richmond, VA  
Garrett (R-5 )   Yea Buckingham County, VA  
Goodlatte (R-6 )   Yea Roanoke, VA  
Brat (R-7)   Yea Glen Allen, VA  
Beyer (D-8 )   Nay Alexandria, VA  
Griffith (R-9 )   Yea Salem, VA  
Comstock (R-10 )   Yea McLean, VA  
Connolly (D-11 )   Nay Mantua, VA