Dem  GOP    Vote: 77  H J RES 40  2-Feb-2017
Yes 235 6
No 180 178
No Vote 17 9
Present 0  

Mental Health Background Checks
A yes vote was to send HJ Res 40 to the Senate.

The House on Feb. 2, 2017, voted, 235 for and 180 against, to nullify an Obama Administration rule designed to keep the mentally ill from passing federal background checks on gun purchases. Under the rule, the Social Security Administration was required to notify the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) of individuals receiving disability benefits on the basis of mental impairment. Foes said the rule cut against both disability and Second Amendment rights, while backers said it was only common sense to keep guns away from the deranged.

Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said the rule wrongly puts "the burden on individuals to prove that restoring their Second Amendment rights would not pose a danger to public safety" instead of on the government to prove the individual unfit to bear arms.

Mike Thompson, D-Calif., said: "These are people with a severe mental illness who can't hold any kind of job or make any decisions about their affairs. So the law says very clearly that they shouldn't have a firearm."

A yes vote was to send HJ Res 40 to the Senate, where it was adopted and sent to President Trump for his signature.
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Virginia Tally
Wittman (R-1)   Yea Montross, VA  
Taylor (R-2)   Yea Virginia Beach, VA  
Scott (VA) (D-3 )   Nay Newport News, VA  
McEachin (D-4)   Nay Richmond, VA  
Garrett (R-5 )   Yea Buckingham County, VA  
Goodlatte (R-6 )   Yea Roanoke, VA  
Brat (R-7)   Yea Glen Allen, VA  
Beyer (D-8 )   Nay Alexandria, VA  
Griffith (R-9 )   Yea Salem, VA  
Comstock (R-10 )   Yea McLean, VA  
Connolly (D-11 )   Nay Mantua, VA