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Thomas Voting Reports, Inc., is the leading news organization in covering congressional voting for U.S. newspapers and online media. Our purpose is to help constituents track their federal lawmakers' votes and hold them accountable for the stands they take. We are published each week in hundreds of newspapers and digital sites throughout the United States.

The company was founded in July 1973 as the Watergate scandal was pointing to the need for Congress as well as the executive branch to be held more answerable to the public. Our goal as journalists, now as then, is to provide coverage that voters, political reporters, editorial boards, voter organizations, activist groups, bloggers and others can use to research and judge the records of their representatives and senators.

We direct our coverage at those who seek substantive information about members of Congress, as opposed to the standard media fare of sound bites, talking points, photo-ops, attack ads and TV and radio bombast. Even with Congress in the grip of special interests and awash in scandal, it is possible for citizens armed with facts to be heard and make a difference in the shaping of policy. We attempt to provide some of the basic legislative information they need to accomplish this worthy objective.

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     Houston Chronicle
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